Natural craft cider

Flagship Ciders

Available year-round online, at the taproom, or in stores near you, these six staple ciders are some of our longest running and most popular fan (and family) favorites.

Limited Release Ciders

Ring in each season with our second most widely available set of ciders. You’ll find them online, at the taproom, and in stores near you, but only ever for a limited time-so keep your eyes peeled.

Small Batch Ciders

Whether we’re celebrating events, collaborating with friends, or just trying something fun, make sure you set your alarms because these special ciders don’t stay on the shelves long.

Taproom Exclusive Ciders

Rare and creative, you either gotta come to Duluth to drink these or join the Wild State Cider Club and have it shipped to your door.

Sorry, we don’t make the rules… Well, we do, but still…

Wild State is made by friends

Friends who believe “natural” actually means something. And that cider is better without added sugar, artificial flavors, concentrates, or other weird stuff.

Plus, each cider you drink gives back

With 5% of our sales supporting local nonprofits that make exploring the outdoors more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Sure, it’d be easier (and better for our bottom line) to skip all this,

but if we have to pick between making our bankers happy or our moms proud, we’re always going to choose our moms.

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