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We're Wild State

Wild State Cider was founded in 2019 by friends who believe “natural” actually means something, and that cider is better without added sugar, artificial flavors, concentrates, or other weird stuff.

What makes us special is our commitment to the ingredients and process that keep cider tasting like… cider.

When we say

"natural craft cider"

we actually mean it!


A custom blend of fresh apples is cold pressed and delivered to our production facility.


We’re picky about our apples—we choose a selection of high-quality dessert apples (just like the ones you find in a grocery store!) based on sugar content, acidity, flavor, and availability.


That fresh apple juice is blended with yeast, and boom... fermentation begins!


It’s just apple juice! Our flagship ciders start with fermented apple juice, and literally nothing else. So you can be sure you’re getting the simplest, cleanest product we can offer.


Real (like really real) ingredients like fruits, herbs, and spices are blended in to create a wide variety of ciders.


When we blend our ciders, we never add sugar, artificial flavors, or sweeteners. So you get an actually natural craft cider that tastes just as sweet and delicious as the nature it came from, and no more.


Our cider is then filtered, packaged, and pasteurized.


By filtering and pasteurizing our ciders, we can ensure our ciders stay as fresh as the day they were canned, without adding unnatural weird stuff like the sorbates and dimethyl dicarbonate that can be found in many ciders.


The only thing left to do is get into your hands!


We do our best to make sure you can drink Wild State, wherever you are. You’ll find Wild State’s entire line of ciders online, in bars, restaurants, and liquor stores around the country, or poured fresh right in our taproom in Duluth.



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We’re located in Duluth, Minnesota – a geographical gem home to Lake Superior and a lot of proud residents wearing warm clothes. #bundleup

The taproom is part of the restoration of an old warehouse in the Lincoln Park Craft District, bringing it back to its original character and charm.

Great cider is made by a great team!

We wouldn’t be where or who we are without all the awesome people that plan, produce, package, sell, and serve our cider. And if you want to be one of those awesome people too, check out our careers page.

Dear Cider Lovers,

Keep it Wild

From the beginning, we’ve focused on creating incredible natural cider, responsibly. As members of 1% For The Planet, we’ve committed 5% of profits to supporting nonprofits that make exploring the outdoors more accessible and inclusive for everyone.

Sure, it’d be easier (and better for our bottom line) to skip all this, but if we have to pick between making our bankers happy and our moms proud, we’re always going to choose our moms.


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