THC-infused beverages

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THC-Infused Beverages

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Is this legal?

If you’re 21+, yes! Birdie uses federally legal hemp based delta 9. In August 2023 The Adult-Use Cannabis Act became effective making recreational cannabis legal in Minnesota.

Birdie is a THC-infused beverage brand by Wild State Cider. There is no alcohol in Birdie.

THC or its long scientific name, Tetrahydrocannabinol is a colorless oil found in cannabis. It’s the main psychoactive part of cannabis. AKA what gets you buzzed.

In legal contexts, the term hemp is used to classify varieties of cannabis that contain 0.3 percent or less THC by dry weight. By comparison, marijuana plants can contain 25 percent THC or more.

The THC in Birdie is hemp derived.

Don’t drive while impaired. Best to keep you and others safe.

Taken straight from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, “While there is no legal limit like with alcohol… law enforcement can arrest a driver for DWI if they observe and document impairment.”

Everyone is different so it varies from person to person. Birdie drinkers have told us it makes them feel relaxed, happy, heightened, chatty, and chill.

Things that may affect how you feel when consuming Birdie are tolerance, body type, if you’ve slammed an entire pizza, and of course, how much Birdie you drink in a sitting.

Effects usually can be felt in minutes and last up to several hours per serving. Go low, and start slow. Since everyone’s reaction is different, we recommend starting with a low dose and sip slowly.

Often when people think of marijuana, they think of the effect types like sativa (energizing effect) and indica (relaxing effect) plus hybrids of the two combined. Because Birdie’s THC is derived from hemp, not marijuana, it doesn’t fall into either of these two categories; there is no specific effect type.

There really is no “recommended serving size” for microdosed or very low dose cannabis drinks like Birdie. The most helpful way to measure the effects is to go slow and drink responsibly. Your cannabis tolerance and previous experience will be the biggest factors in your individual limit.

Birdie has a mild amount of THC, so you can sip into a light buzz. Birdie comes in 5 mg & 10 mg. Still not sure? Our bartenders can help point you in a direction to get you started.

THC beverages like Birdie can kick in relatively fast. People report feeling the first effects as quickly as 15 minutes. While an edible can take an hour or two to start sinking in.

Nope. But we recommend pouring over ice or sipping it after it’s had some time to chill in the fridge. Unopened Birdie’s are good for up to six months.

Birdie is made with totally 100% real fruit without concentrates, artificial flavors, or other weird stuff.

The state and federal laws are that CBD/THC products cannot be combined with alcohol products. So, no.

You can always find all Birdie varieties in the taproom and online. It’s also available in a variety of Minnesota liquor stores, grocery stores, bars and restaurants, and THC retailers. Find one close to you HERE.

Awesome. You can reach out to to learn more about becoming a Birdie retailer.

Yes, we do! You can reach out to to learn more about co-packing.

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